Discover3Dprinting @Automechanika 2021

Industrial 3D printing offers enormous potential in various areas of manufacturing, but it presents many companies with the task of integrating this technology into existing process chains and using it sensibly where it also brings benefits. Learn more about the Discover3Dprinting seminar series here.

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The Discover3Dprinting seminar series is designed for those who are considering integrating Additive Manufacturing into their process chain, but are struggling to access the technology. For this challenge, the seminar provides a comprehensive look at the technology while incorporating real-world questions such as:

  • What is 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing and how does it work?
  • Can 3D printing make sense in my production?
  • Can I make money with it?
  • Where can I find examples of obstacles, experiences, and successful implementation?
  • What are the first / next steps to implement 3D printing?

Additionally, attendees will learn about the hurdles associated with adopting the technology and where they occur, as well as which applications for industrial 3D printing are not yet viable.

Exciting application examples from the automotive sector complement the introduction to the fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing processes. Learn why 3D printing can offer a decisive competitive advantage in times of ever shorter development and innovation cycles and ever greater individualization.

A seminar for...

...specialists and managers of technology-oriented companies from the areas of research and development, production, and technical management.