The cleaning and care of vehicles led a shadowy existence for many years alongside the large trades of "car repair" and "car paint". In the course of time and with the increasing complexity and sensitivity of the materials used in vehicles, vehicle preparation has become increasingly important in recent years.

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From the American region comes a word that sums up the requirements and complexity of modern vehicle preparation like no other - "detailing". Detailing stands for high-quality vehicle preparation and care, in which the products, methods and techniques used are individually adapted to modern and old paintwork. Detailing is not about making the greatest possible effort to prepare a vehicle, but about individually adapting the vehicle preparation to the vehicle, the customer's requirements and the driving profile. It follows that today's vehicle detailer is much more than a "car cleaner". He must have extensive knowledge of the materials used in and on the vehicle, be intensively involved with cleaning chemicals and tools, and adapt his approach to each individual vehicle.


Interesting additional business for workshops

Modern vehicle preparation also offers good opportunities for car repair and paint shops to verticalise their business. In this way, they can gain new customers who can also be potentially interesting for their main service. In addition, by offering vehicle maintenance services, the businesses expand their portfolio for their existing customers. Furthermore, the quality of the reconditioning can be optimally controlled "in-house".

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Working as ergonomic as possible

Working as a vehicle reconditioner involves a lot of strenuous movements and sitting in ergonomically unfavourable positions. Without the right working methods, posture and strengthening of the muscles, the incorrect strain can lead to considerable health problems over the years. Therefore, mindful handling of the strain and regular strengthening is particularly important to be able to work healthily and happily in this profession for a long time.

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